Thursday, July 7, 2011

Vanity, thy name is Ramona

Guess whose new quote is "I sooo cute!"?

It's true, but that doesn't mean she needs to announce it!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Ramona Update

This week held many cute moments. Ramona is learning how to open doors and busted into the bathroom to catch me in the shower. "There you is! I find you!" she declared as she attempted to get in the shower with me.

Whenever I'm doing something and Joe is watching her, she always ends up coming to find me. Whenever she does this, I ask, "Where's Daddy?" then I yell for Joe to come get her. It's gotten to the point that when I say, "Where's Daddy?" Ramona yells, "Jooooooe!"

The other new things she's been saying this week are "I so happy!" and "Delicious!"

This is from when we were at my parents' house to go see fireworks. Mom picked up food at Drown's and Ramona found both her and my ice cream to be "deewishus." (Sorry the sound quality is so bad; I took it with my phone.) She liked the fireworks for the first couple of minutes (she said "ooooooo!" and "I so happy!") but then she got bored and ran around while Joe and I chased her. Oak Harbor fireworks were pretty good and I was glad that we hung out with my family a little bit since Joe is usually sleeping when Ramona and I go over there, so he hadn't been there for awhile.

Anyway, the fish is learning new words every day and often makes us laugh with how serious she gets all the sudden. Tonight, Ramona and I were in her bedroom reading stories when Joe came by to say bye as he got ready to leave for work. Ramona looked up at him and said, "Hello, Daddy" very calmly as if she does this all the time. It was the first time she ever said it (she's said hello and daddy, but never together as a greeting for Joe) and Joe and I cracked up. He responded, "Hello, Ramona" with same formal tone she used.

She cracks me up as much as she drives me crazy these days. She's really into running around naked, eating cat food, and drawing on the walls and windows whenever she manages to get her hands on a writing utensil. She's a handful, but we're having fun.