Friday, May 7, 2010


Well, I had big plans to write in this yesterday. It was going to be a cute "day in the life" post with pictures and everything. I even put the camera next to my bed so I could get the ultra cute pictures of Ramona all smiley when she first wakes up. However, that did NOT happen at all.

Ramona slept horribly and I got up with her at least six times. Probably more like eight. She doesn't really sleep through the night, but she usually gets up only once or twice, which I can deal with. Also, she usually wakes up around 6:30 and plays happily in her crib until I get her up to snuggle in bed with Joe and me while she nurses around 6:45. But no, she got up at 6 and did not happily play. She started whining. I ignored it, hoping she would fall back asleep. No such luck. She started full on crying. I laid there, willing her back to sleep. Lars jumped on the bed and started meowing at me as a reminder that the baby is crying and I need to do something about it NOW. (For some reason, she thinks if I don't hear the baby I'll hear her.) I got up and grabbed Ramona and nursed her back to sleep. I was super annoyed and on almost no sleep, so I left her sleeping with Joe and went for a little walk to cool down (so I didn't throw the cat out the window) and wake up.

I got back and Ramona woke up and was being whiny while I made and ate my breakfast. She usually plays happily, but no such luck again. I got ready and went to work, and work was ok. I talked to one of the hotel managers on the phone and embarrassingly did an enthusiastic "Bye-bye!" at the end of the conversation (which is what I do for Ramona when I leave the house.) I went home for my lunch break and Ramona had cheered up, but I suddenly felt terrible. My stomach was killing me. I spent half my break in the bathroom thinking I was going to die. Then I went back to work and felt fine. It was really weird.

I got off work an hour early because we were going to Pahrump so I could get my root canal done. (That was the impetus in my "day in the life" post. I thought it might be a little more interesting than usual since we were leaving the property.) The root canal went as well as one can I suppose, and I got done around 8:30, so Ramona was pretty fussy since it was well past her usual 7:00 bedtime. Joe said she had been really good while I was getting my tooth worked on, and everyone at the dentist's office thought she was the cutest thing ever. We got home and I put Ramona to bed and Joe and I watched part of the hockey game we'd recorded and were stoked the Red Wings made it through. Then it was off to bed to start another day- and thank God Ramona slept MUCH better last night.

So I suppose this is still a "day in the life post" just minus the pictures and all the cute happy moments. But then again some days just aren't full of cute happy moments. As long as we end the day together as a family I guess I'll take a few days with mostly crappy annoying moments from time to time.

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