Thursday, June 3, 2010

Self Improvement

So, I wrote earlier about my healthy eating. It is still going strong. The keeping the kitchen clean isn't going as awesome as I started with, but it's still much better than it used to be. I'm brushing at least once a day, but I should be flossing more. So, since I was having so much success with my current initiatives, I added a new goal to my things to improve. I was inspired by this picture:
No, I was not inspired to work on my Gary Coleman "Whatchoo talkin' bout, Willis?" impression, even though she's totally making that face. (She was doing her impression to cheer me up when I heard he died.)

My point is, look at her awesome posture! Mine is terrible. Look at any recent picture of me and I'm doing my best Hunchback of Notre Mom. (Not funny? I know. I'm trying.) So today at work I made an effort to sit up straight, and it was exhausting. I'm constantly finding myself hunched over, and any time I wasn't consciously making an effort to sit up straight, I'd hunch right back over. So this one might take some work, but I'm up to the challenge. Today I'd give myself a D, but I can and will do better in the future.

My weight loss journey is going really well. I was the fattest I've ever been when I got pregnant, and then gained 33 lbs during pregnancy. That weight plus ten pounds kind of fell off with no effort in the first four months after I had Ramona, but then I hit a plateau, so I started my healthy eating and I've lost more. I passed my first goal and am currently sixty pounds less than I was the day I checked into the hospital to have Ramona. (Numberswise, I was 190 when I got pregnant, 223 when I checked into the hospital to have Mony, 176 when I started healthy eating, and am 163 now. First goal was 165. Ultimate goal is between 150-155.) I'm proud of how far I've come and definitely see my ultimate goal becoming a reality this summer.

In other news, Baby Fish is going through a biting phase right now that had me thinking about stopping nursing, but she learned pretty quickly that biting me was a good way to be put on the floor and ignored. So she stopped biting during mealtime. She still bites me on the shoulder or neck when I get home from work sometimes. I have no idea why she does this, and she only does it to me, not Joe. Babies are weird. That's my explanation.

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