Friday, July 30, 2010

Mommy Blogging

Well, this is a self indulgent sort of post done out of boredom more than anything else. I guess this blog is a "mommy blog" since it mostly revolves around my role as mommy and my daughter. I started this blog not long after my cousin started a blog about her daughter because I thought, "Great idea, Brook! I should totally do that, too!" I mean, most of my family and friends live thousands of miles away, so why not let them know what's going on in our lives? But, it was weird that that's what got me going on this because I had been reading mommy blogs for awhile.

Like most non parental folks, I did not really know mommy blogging was a thing until I got pregnant. I happened upon a pregnancy blog of someone who was about three months farther along than I was when I was googling pregnancy stuff. Now, I'm no stranger to blogging. I've had a blog in some form or another since high school. I'm in no way surprised that people have blogs. But I was surprised that someone had a blog entirely devoted to their pregnancy. (Feel free to laugh now.)

Yeah, apparently that is in no way unique. There are tons of people with pregnancy blogs who then have mommy blogs. But I didn't know that. So I followed this woman's blog even though I kind of disliked her. Like, for some reason I obsessively read about her pregnancy, thinking of when I would get to that point in my pregnancy. I would constantly complain to Joe about this woman, too. Like, "I was reading that baby blog today, and the lady was complaining about how this other lady said this. Can you believe it? Who cares?" And although he would validate my complaints by agreeing with me, he would also point out that I could just stop reading this lady's blog at any time so I didn't have to be annoyed by it. Oh, Joe. So practical.

Then I somehow found baby bloggers I actually liked! I remember somehow stumbling on and feeling like, "Yes! This is what I'm wanting to read!" Number one, her baby was due less than a week after my baby, so all her pregnancy posts were on the same timeline as I was. Also, she was actually funny and likable and had awesome taste (in my opinion.) I was thrilled. From that point I was able to find more baby blogs that I liked. Now I have probably ten to fifteen baby blogs in my reader that I check out on a regular basis that I really enjoy. Reading their posts actually make me happy.

BUT. This is embarrassing. I still read the original blog that I don't like. And worse? There are two more bloggers I've found that I don't like that I read. I tell myself I won't read them. They are not in my reader. I don't "follow" them. But I get bored at work and STILL END UP READING THEM. And I still get annoyed by them. And I still complain to Joe about them. And I need to stop. So, my new goal is to stop reading baby blogs that annoy me. I have to make it a real goal and really draw the line with myself. I did it with Perez Hilton, I can do it with these baby blogs. I CAN DO IT! I can stop! I am not a victim of my addiction to bad baby blogs!

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  1. Ha. You're not the only one. I read blogs I don't like as well! I always tell myself " I have to read, how else will I know if they talk shit about me'!"