Sunday, August 29, 2010

Spaghetti Monster

Friday night we were low on groceries, so I made spaghetti for dinner for Ramona. I let her feed herself and it ended about as expected. She certainly had fun, though.
She also learned how to drink her bottle with one hand and thinks she's so super cool when she does it.

Yesterday we went to Pahrump and ate at this new Japanese Steakhouse they put in. It was beautifully decorated and surprisingly busy. Joe got sushi and I got Salmon teriyaki. There is a hibachi side of the restaurant but we didn't go since we had Ramona with us and I don't trust her in that situation at all. It was good, though. We also went grocery shopping. Today Joe is at work and I cleaned up the house. Ramona is taking a nap and I'm job hunting. Another lazy weekend, but at least I got to spend time with my two favorite people.

On the learning front, Ramona has been figuring out how to get off the bed. She has deduced that she needs to turn around and get down feet first, but doesn't quite have the coordination to pull it off solo yet. Her object permanence knowledge is getting better, too. She usually unmasks me when playing peek a boo, and yesterday Joe said she crawled over and pounded on the bathroom door when I was taking my shower. He was pretty sure it was the first time that she realized that I was in there.

Regarding the last post, we're thinking about moving in with Joe's parents in December so we can be home for Christmas. Nothing definite or solidly planned yet, but we've been talking about it. We'll see how things are going over the next couple of months.

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