Friday, October 15, 2010

So Ready

Well, I haven't written much this week because I'm SO excited about not being here that I can't think about anything else. Plans thus far (and Mom, they've changed! They changed my interview date to Wednesday.)

Saturday- Mom picks us up, hang out with family
Sunday- shop with mom (possibly sister(s)) while Ramona plays with Joe's parents. Have dinner and birthday cake at Joe's parents house.
Monday- hang out with family
Tuesday- hang out with family most of the day, spend the night at Joe's parents house
Wednesday- interview, hang out in Toledo until it's time to go to the airport (Joe's mom said she will take us to the airport. Joe said she will probably just drop me off and keep Mony.)

It's going to be a pretty quick visit. But I really need it. I'm SOOO done with this place. Nina, if you have time Tuesday night or Wednesday before 4pm and would like to meet up, let me know. I think that's pretty much my only not really accounted for part of the trip that I will be in Toledo for. Joe's mom said I can use her car if you want to meet up somewhere.

That's it. Funny things that happened this week I would write more about- Mony figured out she can drink bath water and is learning to play patty cake. Sad things I would write more about- Mony has been having some tummy troubles and has been sleeping extra crappy. But I don't have to write it, because soon you will get to live it!

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  1. Tuesday night! facebook my phonenumber? it hasn't changed. YESYESYES! I can't wait. I have a quiz wednesday but who care I get to see you!!!yeah!