Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Baby Baptism

Just an FYI, Ramona is scheduled to get baptized on February 20 at the 9:45am service at Epworth United Methodist 3077 Valley View Drive Ottawa Hills, Ohio 43615. Obviously, it's at church so anyone and everyone is invited. We'll probably go out to eat or have food at our house afterwords, so let me know if you're coming and interested in getting lunch together so we can plan.

The fish has had a nasty cold for a couple of days. She has been pretty resilient through it, but has had a hard time sleeping. Colds are no fun in general, but they are especially crappy for people who don't understand the concept of blowing their noses. Poor baby.

We went to see Joe's extended family in Richmond, Indiana over the weekend and it was a pretty good time. Ramona loved all the attention and did really well, even with the long car ride. She's getting big. I set up her 15 month doctor's appointment today, so we'll see how the new pediatrician is. She was recommended by a family friend, so I'm sure she'll be awesome.

More to report, but I'm not really in the mood to write at this moment. Maybe tomorrow...

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