Saturday, January 29, 2011

Doing Stuff

I've been meaning to post forever, but I'm never in the mood to write about things. Today I'm on the caffeine/sugar high that can only be achieved through Diet Coke and too much birthday cake. So here we go...

We took the fish to her pediatrician appointment this week and everything looks good. She's getting taller and heavier and developing on schedule. She didn't get her shots because my old pediatrician hadn't sent the shot records yet, but we have to go back and do that soon. I really liked the pediatrician; she was super nice. First we had a resident look her over (it is a teaching hospital) and then the pediatric nurse practitioner who had been recommended. I was very pleased with the visit, but the whole resident thing made me wonder if I'm going to have to have two pelvic exams next week when I have a gyno appointment at the University. It's not a big deal (I mean I had Mony at a teaching hospital and had an entire student NICU team along with the actual NICU team in the room when I pushed her out) but it just makes it take longer. I don't know. We'll see how that goes. It's this coming Wednesday.

I actually read a book this week, so I feel kind of smart again. I'm glad to be back in the land of libraries. The branch we live closest to is the only one that is open on Sundays, so that's convenient. I want to take Mony to the downtown library soon, though, since it has a pretty awesome children's section if I remember correctly. I really do think reading helps keep me sharper because I did way better at my crossword puzzle this week than I usually do. When I start back to school soon, I'll probably feel like a total genius, even if I'm just taking stupid accounting theory classes.

Today we took Ramona to her first party. It was her friend Olivia's first birthday party and it was cute. She had fun eating cake, running around, and even interacting somewhat with other children. Fun times.
Tomorrow I officially join Epworth United Methodist. We met with Pastor Bob on Thursday about Mony's baptism. Everything is set for that on February 20.

I still don't have my W2s for either job. I'm looking forward to my tax return so I can finish getting the living and dining room together. What I have left: curtains & hardware for the living room, pictures/art for the living room and dining room, table cloth/linens for the dining room, and paint for both rooms. So, I'm actually almost done, I'm just wanting to actually be done so I don't think about it anymore and can think about the other rooms. (The bathroom needs some serious organization help.) Also, I can't wait for my couch to come in. I think that will make it feel a lot more done and less flophouse.

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