Monday, March 21, 2011

17 Months

The Fish is 17 months today. It's hard to believe. After work she and I played in the backyard and then went over to the park to play. She had so much fun on the swings and kept yelling "whee!" and "wow!" After that we went to run some errands at Target and the Fresh Market. I realized that Ramona's mimicking is getting pretty hilarious. She says things that I say all the time and I don't even realize it. Like, whenever I see something I like I go, "Oooooh!" and she kept pointing at things and going "Ooooh!" at Fresh Market.

She's become quite the climber and finally figured out how to get up on the coffee table yesterday. I knew it would happen soon since she figured out how to get on the ottoman recently and they're about the same height. I'm ok with the ottoman, but I've been trying to quash the coffee table because 1) no one is allowed to stand on the coffee table and 2) it's slippery and dangerous, especially when she's wearing her footsie pajamas. She's already had a close call with falling on it.

I have really been enjoying this weather and am bummed that it's going to cool down again. I want spring for real! None of this fake out crap. I mean seriously, didn't the groundhog say spring is a go ahead? Let's stay with this weather. It's so nice to spend the evening outside with Ramona instead of dying of boredom in the house.

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