Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was pretty laid back. We got up and went to church (where I got a prize for being the youngest mom there, which certainly surprised me) and then came home and hung out for a bit. After that I made Joe take my annual Mother's Day pictures:

Me & Mony Mother's Day 2011

Me & Mony 2010

There were quite a few outtakes, but the hug outtake was by far the cutest.

Then we stopped at Handel's to get ice cream. We got Ramona her own cone for the first time. They had little tiny baby cones- it was so cute! Ramona ate some and made a mess with the rest. (Also, my boobs were out of control all day with insane cleavage. I blame this new bra and apologize for the ridiculousness.)
After that we stopped up at Joe's parents house to wish his mom a happy Mother's Day and hung out for a bit.
Now Joe is sleeping and Mony and I are playing. Pretty much what I expected and wanted for the day, so it was a Happy Mother's Day for me!

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