Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Broccoli Thief

Well now seems as good a time as ever to start over in many ways. Last week I started healthy eating again. I also started keeping the kitchen clean on a regular basis again. We got a new computer, so I figured I'd start blogging again. I think of how quickly the past few months since Ramona was born have flown by, and I don't want to forget how things are.

Things with Joe are good. I wish we had more time together, but such is life at this time. He might be able to get a more consistent schedule at work so we would have the weekends together, so I'm really hoping that pans out. He's getting too little sleep which can be pretty grating with Ramona's new love of squealing. Oh, the squealing. In short, it's horribly annoying. I can not stand the squealing. But other than that she's doing great. She's getting really good at sitting up on her own, and we're getting ready to do her first visit with baby food soon. She's been getting more and more curious about what we eat, and I've been indulging her curiosity in small doses. Over the weekend she got a hold of my yogurt so I put a little on her tongue and she gave me her crazy eyes. Today I was eating some raw broccoli at lunch and she reached for a piece so I let her chew on it. She liked it! Then she kept dropping the piece I gave her and grabbing for my bowl. She's a total broccoli thief.

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