Thursday, April 15, 2010

Getting toothy

Ramona's first tooth has arrived! Just when I was beginning to fear all the things I had filed under teething were perhaps just her personality, it finally broke through her gums. Joe and I are both super pumped, and taking this as a sign that it is almost time for her to start eating food. She turns six months next week, and has been nomming on broccoli and carrots for teething purposes for about a week. It works like this- Ramona sees me eating a baby carrot. She thinks baby carrot means that it is a carrot for a baby. She must have it NOW! She launches herself off my lap to rifle around in the bag of baby carrots until she gets one securely in her hand. She shoves it in her mouth and gnaws on it for 30 seconds. She throws it across the room. I pick it up and eat it. (Hey, five second rule!) Ramona has already started getting a new carrot by the time I eat the old carrot. Repeat until I get tired of eating carrots with cat hair on them and put the baby carrots away.

Since she is already familiar with the idea of carrots, and because carrots have been recommended by all my friends with kids around her age, we're going to do some home made carrot mash for her first food. I'm planning lots of pictures and, of course, a video to chronicle the whole event.

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