Tuesday, May 25, 2010


This morning Ramona had the poopiest diaper EVER. It was up the back almost to her neck. Completely ridiculous and a huge mess. I was just doing it really quickly before I left for work, expecting a pee diaper, but instead got a big disaster. It took like forty wipes to clean up, and of course Ramona kept trying to grab the dirty wipes and stick them in her mouth. This was especially annoying since I was just changing her for Joe before I left to be nice. If I were a meaner mom I could just be relaying the epic poop tale second hand.

After getting Ramona cleaned and ready for the day, I went to pick up my purse and leave and I saw Lars smelling it, which made me suspicious that she had peed on it, since she loves peeing on stuff so much. I sniffed it and made the stupid error of only smelling where she smelled and so I thought she hadn't peed on it. Then I got to work and realized she HAD peed on it and it was wet and it smelled. So gross. So it was an annoying morning. But such is to be expected every once in awhile, and I had such a great weekend that this week can't get me down.

I'll write more about our awesome girls weekend after Ramona is in bed, but in the meantime here's a video of her figuring out how to crawl.

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