Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ladies Weekend

So, we had a pretty awesome weekend. We pajama partied, went on a million walks, played on the floor, and went to the playground for the first time. I had what is currently my favorite Ramona moment ever. We laid on the bed and Ramona would put her hand in the air and wave it around. Then she would look at me and smile. Then I would wave my hand the same way and then look at her and smile. Then she would do something different with her hand. Repeat a million times. She's just so much fun right now. Over the past week she's learned so many different things. Her crawling got more advanced, she figured out how to sit up on her own, she started pulling herself up on things to stand. I can't keep her in her little bath tub for long because she's too good at pulling herself out of it now.

She's also much happier. Everything is either interesting or funny to her. And most things she does are funny to us. Just watching her eat Cheerios cracks me up. And tonight she stayed up late so she was still up when Joe came home on his break and he kept rubbing his head on her belly and she thought it was hilarious. She was cracking up. And every time he pulled away she would start shaking and squeal with anticipation of him doing it again. We were all laughing so hard. It's just these insanely happy moments all the time.

All of the sudden being annoyed by my job or complaining about our house or the weather or whatever just doesn't matter anymore. Watching her grow and figure out the world and loving her and watching her grow to love us is so wonderful that all the crappy stuff just fades away and I don't care about it at all. Yesterday I told someone my daughter amazes me every day, and as soon as I said it was internally cringing because it sounds so lame and cheesy. But it's SO TRUE. I love her so much I can't stop smiling when I think of her.

It's not to say that she isn't sometimes annoying or cranky, or that she's so perfect, or the best baby ever. I have plenty of times where I'm like, "Seriously, Ramona, give it a rest already." But those moments just vanish completely with one smile. Especially the "isn't this great?" smile, where she's so happy and she looks at me to make sure I'm happy, too, and my smile makes her smile even bigger.

I love the smile in the picture above. She always looks like Joe, but her smile looks so much like him in all his baby and little kid pictures. I love it.

Other highlights of our girly weekend were me getting the house super cleaned, making good on my cookie promise, and enjoying the great outdoors. We also got two new bibs from Great Grandma Marilyn, and a package with lots of little dresses from Grandma Lindsey. Unfortunately the package from Grandma Lindsey was addressed to Joe so I didn't open it. Otherwise we would have done a fashion show and there would be many more pictures taken than what I took this weekend.

New bib!

In super rad news, Joe has Saturday and Sunday off this weekend so we have TWO WHOLE DAYS OFF TOGETHER! Yay! I am so excited.

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