Saturday, June 26, 2010

San Diego

I've been looking at things in San Diego to prepare for the trip. We got a hotel, and most importantly found some breweries so I can get more shirts for my brew blanket. Joe pointed out that I forgot to put completing the brew blanket on my five year goals, so consider it added. I started working on it a couple of years ago. Basically any time we travel, we try to find local brew pubs to visit. We try their beer. We eat their food. And we buy a tee shirt. When I acquire 49 shirts, I'm going to cut them up and make a blanket featuring the logos of all the places. The shirts also came in handy when I was pregnant because I usually buy them in XL to XXL size, so I was able to wear them when I didn't fit into anything else. (Although looking like a total lush by wearing nothing but beer shirts when you're obviously pregnant felt kind of sketchy.)

There are two breweries we're definitely hitting- Coronado Brewing Company and Stone Brewing Company. If we can convince Erin to baby sit one night, we might go to San Diego Brewing as well. We're going to the zoo and Sea World and my friend Kris that used to live in San Diego suggested Ocean Beach. He said La Jolla is really pretty but probably will be super crowded. So we might go there if we get up early, but will probably go to Ocean Beach otherwise. I bought Ramona a new swimsuit and we bought some beach towels and a bucket and shovels. I can't wait for this trip. I am also really pumped to hang out with Erin because we haven't got to spend very much time together over the past couple of years with my living so far away and her being too young to come visit me. Now that she's 15 she can fly alone, so it's pretty cool that she'll be able to come out here and go on a sweet vacation with us. Now I just have to stay patient until trip time.

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