Sunday, June 13, 2010

Tired of Waiting

So I've been applying for jobs more lately, and one of the jobs I'm applying for is with the City of Toledo. It is the most ridiculous application I've ever done. I had to order my college transcripts to send with the application (which has to be mailed) and I have to write an essay to go with it that sites dates and witnesses to my awesome work abilities. I hate putting this much effort into an application-especially if I don't get it. (If I do get it than I will not regret this effort at all. Joe said all the effort probably increases my chances of getting the job because other people will not want to put in the effort so the applicant pool will be smaller.)

This summer has been weird because I want to take a trip to Ohio and see everyone but we're hoping to hear from jobs soon, so we don't want to waste the vacation time and flight money if we're going to have to travel for job interviews. But I'm kind of reaching the edge of my sanity as far as life out here and am in desperate need of a vacation. So I'm going to start looking into plane tickets and whatnot her in the next couple weeks to figure out when we can get out of here. Joe isn't sure if he can get time off right now, but I definitely can, so it might just be and Mony. I want to go to Cedar Point.

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