Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July Weekend

Wow, what a sweet weekend! We went to Vegas Saturday and spent the day shopping and goofing off. I didn't find a swimsuit, so it looks like I'll be doing my old swimsuit with a tank top over it or something when we go to San Diego. It's really hard to get a swimsuit that works on my body unless I order a custom one, and I don't really have time to do that before the trip. I was hoping I could just get a giant one at Target and try to take it in a little, but it wasn't happening. The only one that I tried was way too short for my torso and would not work at all.

But we did get cupcakes and ice cream, which was awesome. We went out to the fireworks and Ramona was pretty fussy at first so I was worried about how it was going to go, but she chilled out after awhile and was having fun. The fireworks started almost a half hour late, so I was kind of annoyed since we were already keeping Ramona up pretty late, but they finally started. Ramona was really excited at first because the kids sitting near us started clapping when the fireworks started and she loves clapping right now, so she just kept looking at the kids and smiling, and didn't even notice the fireworks for a few minutes. We kept pointing them out to her and she finally saw them, and seemed to like them. We were far enough back that they weren't too loud so she was a happy girl. She fell asleep on the walk back to the car, and slept in her pack n play at the hotel.

The hotel was pretty nice and they gave us cookies when we checked in, so they were definitely on my good side. As soon as we came in the room and I saw the floor to ceiling mirror door on the closet I knew Ramona would love it. Baby in the mirror is one of her favorite games and she was so excited about it. She kept trying to crawl into the mirror, which was amusing for Joe and me, and we did some dancing in front of the mirror that she likes a lot. The full length mirror was also the first time I saw myself naked in a full length mirror since having a baby, and it's not as horrible as I'd been fearing. I'm not as horrified of the idea of wearing a swimsuit in San Diego as I was now that I know I'm looking somewhat acceptable. I still have more work to go in the midsection area, but it's not as bad as I thought.

Sunday we went to Ellis Island Brewery for another t-shirt, and Ramona was super popular. Everyone had to stop and talk about how cute she is, and she since she always has a smile for anyone that talks to her she makes friends everywhere. She was very well behaved the whole weekend, which bodes well for the San Diego trip. As long as we drive during her usual sleeping times as we're planning, I think she'll be fine. She was noticeably happy to be home, though, and Joe barbequed ribs for dinner while Ramona and I played. All in all it was a really great first Fourth for Ramona. I wouldn't change a minute. Well, maybe I shouldn't have eaten all those baked goods, but it made me happy, so whatever. I'm going with not changing a minute.

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