Friday, July 2, 2010


I can't believe it's July. Not only in a "time flies" kind of way, but in a boo, I thought we would have moved by now way. I think Joe and I were both holding on to the hope that we would move before 'holy mother of God it is hot' season began. It is here, and we are here. Still.

The heat is pretty crazy. You get dehydrated being outside for fifteen minutes. Your eyes feel cold when you blink because your body temperature is so much cooler than the air. Walking outside barefoot is an option only if you want burnt feet. The wind just makes it hotter, like a furnace blowing directly in your face when it's already 120 degrees.

Taking Ramona outside isn't really an option. I will sometimes walk her up to the store and she is bright red from the heat in that less than ten minute walk. I have a sippy cup of water with her at all times. I'm so worried about her getting dehyrated. Death Valley residents are probably some of the only people in the United States who look forward to going to Las Vegas in July so they can cool down.

In short, it's hot.

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