Thursday, July 1, 2010


The title is appropriate because Ramona scared the crap out of me the other day ago. It was her first real injury where I thought she might really be hurt. She was in the bathtub, and she kept standing up. It's her favorite thing. Every time she stands up, I sit her down and say, "Sit on your butt." It's very annoying and has led to record short bath times over the last week. But on this particular day, I turned around to grab a wash cloth and in those few seconds, Ramona stood up, slipped, and hit her face on the edge of the tub. She started screaming and I picked her up and there was blood running down her face. I got the wash cloth wet so I could wipe her face and figure out where she was bleeding from. I figured it was either a tooth she knocked loose or she bit her tongue. After I wiped the blood away I saw she had bit her tongue pretty hard. Not all the way through, but enough to bleed a little bit and leave a noticeable scab for a couple of days.

She was fine, and I cuddled with her and let her comfort nurse. Joe came home on break moments later and was confused as to why I was nursing her naked. (I generally try to keep her naked time to a minimum because she is awesome at peeing/pooping at the worst possible moment.) She was happy to see him and cheered up really quickly. I was so happy she was okay. Joe accidentally dropped her a couple weeks ago and was really worried he had hurt her, so he knew how freaked out I felt when I saw her injured. I think it's always scary when your kid is hurt, especially before you've deduced how serious the injury is, but it's extra scary since we live so far away from any sort of hospital. It's probably the least ideal location to live with someone who is accident prone and medically compromised by being incredibly tiny.

I'm also glad her teeth seem to have made it through the fall alright. She has been sleeping really well since her fifth one broke through, but I think more are coming in because she is drooling twice as much as usual. It's pretty nasty. But I am loving her little gap toothed smile.

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