Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My daughter got more awesome

In the last 24 hours, Ramona developed three new traits making her even more awesome.

1) Last night, she figured out how to stand by herself! She's been pulling up on things and letting go for a minute or two for awhile now, but last night she rose up from the ground herself and stood with nothing to hold on to. It was quite hilarious because she did it super sumo wrestler style (or grand plie from second position depending on your mind frame) but my heart just about exploded out of my chest in pride when she did it. She has done it several times today with her typical "What? I've been doing this FOREVER, mother" attitude.

2) She ate her veggies! Obviously, she eats pretty much whatever we give her, but I was thinking the other day that she doesn't eat enough veggies so I asked Joe to make sure to buy more baby friendly veggies when he went grocery shopping today and he did. So, for dinner tonight I made her some broccoli, cauliflower and carrots cut up into tiny pieces for her to feed herself and she ate them really well. I hope she stays on an awesome veggie kick, but we'll see. I have to say that she has taught me to appreciate my veggies more. Before tonight I was pretty sure I didn't like cauliflower, but when I made hers, I ate some too and realized, I did like it. I had a revelation of that sort a few months ago regarding sweet potatoes when they became Ramona's favorite food. I always thought they were gross, but when I fed Mony some I wound up eating a spoonful and was surprised at how good they were.

3) She doesn't like a dirty diaper! Ramona has never seemed to care one way or another about the state of her diaper. Like she could be in a wet, poopy diaper all day and not care (not that we left her in a wet, poopy diaper to prove this theory, but I'm just conveying her general attitude from what I could tell.) But tonight, she was playing in the corner and started fussing so I went to see what the fuss was about and she was attempting to sit up so she was touching her diaper as little as possible and I could tell from the horrible smell that hit me that she was a super poop. I changed her and she was happy again. I think this bodes well for potty training in the future.

She's growing by leaps and bounds right now. Her development is crazy. She learns something new at least once a week. I also think she has overwhelmed herself in the physical development department because she is unable to calm down even in her sleep. She sleep crawls. I am not kidding. I didn't know babies could do it, but she sits up and crawls around in her sleep, and then wakes up and realizes what's going on and starts crying. It's so weird. But I really think she's doing it because she's so into moving around right now that her brain can't shut it off.

I'm really enjoying this age. She's just so alive and excited about everything. I've always thought the whole "see the world through a child's eyes" BS is so cheesy, but actually being around Ramona I can't help but get excited about life. She's contagious.

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