Sunday, July 25, 2010

9 Months

Just being cute before turning 9 months old
Thursday I took Erin to the airport to return to the mighty midwest, but on the way we stopped in Pahrump for Ramona's 9 month well baby check up. No shots this time, so it was pretty easy. The weird part was Ramona's pediatrician wasn't there. First the nurse did the usual weight, length, head circumference thing (note: it took an embarrassingly long time to spell circumference correctly and I had to consult with Joe, who also spelled it wrong, so I finally just googled it.) She's 95 percentile for height still, so it looks like she's taking after me. (My evil plan to have giant children and make Joe look like the munchkin of our family is working! In fairness, his evil plan was to have short children and make me look like a giant, so it's not like I'm the only one with evil plans here.)

Then some lady came in to do the doctor stuff, but it wasn't her usual doctor. It was some lady who seemed more like someone's mom than a doctor. I have no idea who she was, and since I'm such an idiot, I didn't even ask. She didn't really ask any of the stuff the doctor usually asks or give advice like he usually does. Ramona peed when she was doing the under the diaper check, though, so that was pretty hilarious. She was also wearing a big beaded necklace that Ramona kept grabbing, which added to my doubts of her being a pediatrician. Who would wear breakable jewelry knowing they would be in contact with babies all day? Anyway, I'm guessing the doctor was on vacation and this lady was his stand in, but it was weird and felt kind of pointless.

We went to California Pizza Kitchen for lunch and Ramona super hammed it up and got the waitress to pick her up. After getting picked up, she tried to steal the waitress's glasses because she's crafty like that. (Also, she thinks no one should ever wear glasses. I have to wear my contacts or she rips them off my face all day.) We got cupcakes and took Erin to the airport. She was gone and Ramona and I headed back home. Vacation over, my little girl getting big, and back to the grind.

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