Saturday, September 25, 2010

Don't really hate your kids. Jeez.

Wow, I recently wrote about how sometimes your kids drive you crazy. But obviously, you stay in control of the situation and act like a grown-up and deal with it. Apparently some people don't remember that part.

I was watching Teen Mom the other day. For those who don't watch it, it follows some girls who got pregnant in high school. One of the girls gave up her daughter for adoption because she had an unstable home environment and didn't want her daughter to grow up the same way. Watching the episodes involving the issues with her mom and step dad really shows how mature a decision it was. Her step dad is currently in court ordered rehab and her mom is upset about it and takes it out on her daughter.

In a recent episode, her mom went shopping for a prom dress with her. The mom got mad at her because she liked a dress that her mom didn't like (for no real reason except she said it was ugly.) Then the mom totally started acting like a teenager, complete with eye rolling and sarcasm, and then actually told her daughter, "F--- you, Catelynn!" This was all in front of her friend who went shopping with them. Then, the daughter went out with her boyfriend to get his tux and her mom called her and said that she owed her gas money for taking her dress shopping.

I guess my point is that while everyone is annoyed by their children every once in awhile, you shouldn't actually hate them. I thought that goes without saying, but maybe not. The world can be a sad place. It makes me want to show Ramona how happy it can be as much as possible.

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