Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I can change it myself, thanks!

I have been so tired and just not into anything the last couple of days. Yesterday I fell flat on my face when I got my stupid heel caught on the cuff of my pants. There was some guy in a golf cart driving by and he didn't even see if I was ok. What a jerk. That is why I hate this place. People are jerks.

I went to bed early to try to get over this crappy feeling but couldn't sleep. Today I was just as tired. When I got home from work I left Ramona in the living room watching Blue's Clues so I could go to the bathroom. I came back and she was naked, chewing on her diaper, sitting next to a log of poo. Gross. This is why she can't be left in just a diaper anymore. Why wait for mommy to take off your poopy diaper when you can do it yourself? Bathtime, jammies, a freshly scrubbed carpet and here we are. I'm hoping she goes to bed easily tonight. I don't have the energy to fight her.

I need a cookie. And a beer.

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