Sunday, September 12, 2010


Good weekend! Man, I look forward to the weekend so bad and it always goes way too fast. We enjoyed the cooler weather. We're working on getting down to somewhat reasonable temperatures. I believe we were only in the 90s over the past week which was a welcome relief. To celebrate, I took Ramona to the playground yesterday while Joe was still in bed. We hadn't been in awhile and she really enjoyed the swings. On the way home we could smell the brisket Joe was cooking all the way down the block. It's always awesome to smell good food and realize it's coming from your house and you get to eat it, so I was pretty psyched when we got back to the house. Mony played on the floor while I made German potato salad. Then she started playing in the drawers in the kitchen while I was cooking so I made Joe get up and watch her while I cooked.

After Ramona's nap we took our food over to our neighbor's house to watch the Ohio State game. We had a couple beers and ate and Ramona was all over the place. She was pretty well behaved but she did knock over some stuff and was being a typical over active baby. There was another baby there that was a couple months older than her, so I was hoping for some cute interaction, but they pretty much ignored each other except for a five minute stretch where the kept crawling on each other and trying to take each other's sippy cups.

Today we ate leftovers and just enjoyed spending time together. We should have cleaned the house but we watched TV and went to the park. The playground equipment was too hot for Ramona to play on so we just laid around on the grass.

So nothing too exciting but it made me happy. Next weekend will be eventful. We're going to Vegas to buy Mony a new big girl car seat and then going on to Arizona. I have a conference for work in Williams and Joe and Ramona are staying up at the Grand Canyon so they can visit with our friends up there. I'm excited for everyone to see Ramona. They haven't seen her since she was four months old and she has so much more personality (and Stu wasn't even there last time we went so he hasn't seen her at all.) I'm hoping the conference isn't as boring and terrible as I've been building it up to be in my mind, but either way I won't be here, so I guess that's always a bonus. It will be the first time I've spent the night away from Ramona. On one hand I'm looking forward to sleeping through the night for the first time in a year, on the other I'm going to miss her so badly! I'm also going to have to pump milk while I'm gone which I hate doing. Oh well. I'm mostly looking forward to it.

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