Thursday, October 7, 2010

Flying with Mony

So, I'm very excited for this trip home next week, but I'm a bit nervous as well. I scheduled the flights to be at night so she will hopefully sleep through most of it and nurse if she's not sleeping. Either way, she shouldn't be a crazy wiggle worm. The trip there is really late, so she should sleep no problem. I'm more worried about me being cranky because I'll be so tired. The trip home is earlier. I'm afraid she won't quite be tired during that one. I'm hoping she does well. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

I'm also nervous about flying without Joe. Not like I've never flown alone, but I've never flown with a baby and no one else to help. I'm just thinking of having to lug around the diaper bag, purse, carry on and Ramona, trying to take off my shoes and jacket while holding onto the fish so I can go through security, and not having anyone to hold her so I can go to the bathroom, so I'll have to take her into the stall with me. Blech. What if I have to pee on the plane? There's no room in a plane bathroom!

But I have faith we'll be fine and I'll feel like a champion mom after we make it through it. I'm looking forward to seeing family and Ramona getting to play peek a boo and show off her walking skills and hopefully getting to see some of my friends' babies so she can have some baby buddies. I'm also looking forward to seeing fall. We obviously don't have fall here, and even though we had real winter in Arizona, we didn't really have fall/spring because all the trees were coniferous. Without the leaves changing colors, it doesn't really feel like fall.

Anyway, one week and one day to get through before we hop on the plane. Yay! (I would put a picture of Ramona clapping here if I had a good one. She always claps when I say yay now.)

Oh, and one unrelated note- Mony got teeth eleven and twelve today. They aren't all the way through though, so I figure we have about a week left of teething before they're completely out. I'm predicting she should be about done with this round of teething when we get to Ohio.

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