Sunday, October 10, 2010


I have some footage of the fish walking! I'm waiting for the upload to finish on youtube so I can post it. I actually took two videos and will probably upload both eventually, but I'm anxious to get at least one up. I also have video of Ramona clapping, but I might wait and get something better on that.

I tricked her into performing on camera by taking her to the playground with the video camera. She isn't very good at walking on the grass, but she refuses to crawl properly on it. She will either bear crawl or walk. So, I figured if I set her down a couple of feet away from me and her stroller, there was a good chance I could catch her walking attempts.

Now, this walking isn't all that great (even her standing skills look suspect here) but she's a lot better when she's on the carpet at home. She isn't used to the texture of grass or the uneven ground. This video is only the second day she's ever attempted walking on grass, so I think it's pretty good. Right now at home, she's really good at standing and passable at walking for a few steps (although she still goes to crawling any time she wants speed or distance.)

She hasn't attempted walking in shoes yet. She actually really needs shoes right now. I think I'm going to have to go shoe/sock shopping when we're in Toledo because I don't have anything here right now that fits her. I do have some shoes on-line that I really want to buy, but I have to wait until they get her size in again.

I'll post the video here when it finally comes up. Notice how cute her dress is- birthday present from Granny Jan! (I'm trying to teach Ramona to call my mom Granny Jan because it will drive my mom crazy to be called "Granny". Please feel free to encourage this as much as possible!) She got her birthday presents from my parents early since they sent them with their presents for my birthday. She's little enough that I didn't think it was a big deal to give them to her early, and it was laundry day anyway, so we might as well just wash the new clothes. There were a bunch of books and outfits. The outfits are super cute! I'm absolutely in love with the pajamas she got. And the dresses are really pretty. She seems most impressed by the book about animals that has textured pictures. She pets the puppy a lot.

Oh boy, it appears I've rambled on long enough that the video has uploaded. Haha, I love her "I meant to do that!" moment where she pretends to grab some grass and then picks up her sippy cup only to immediately throw it back down.

Also, the weird open and closing of her mouth is what we refer to as "Pac-Manning" and she does it whenever she's teething. In this video she has some sound effects going with it. Usually she just does it silently.

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