Sunday, November 28, 2010

Another Shorty

Not much time to post lately since we've been busy trying to get our lives together since getting here (and then the holidays and other assorted craziness) but I will say we had great holiday get togethers with both my family and Joe's and that Ramona did awesome at both. She has been so insanely happy the last few days that it's like she's a competely new baby. Not like she was the fussiest baby ever before, but she was never this crazy happy. She is contantly smiling. I don't know if it's having more room to run and play, or meeting new people or what, but seeing her running around the kitchen banging measuring cups with the biggest grin ever on her face makes me feel like moving back here was without a doubt the right decision. Joe and I are both happier and she is over the moon.

Joe and I got cell phones today. (Well, Joe already had one, but got a new one, and I got one for the first time since college.) We were undecided about whether to get smart phones or not. We decided to get one, and I ended up being the one to get it since there was some special deal for new customers getting smart phones. Joe got a phone of average intelligence with a slider and qwerty keyboard (which he will almost never use since he's not much of a texter.) Anyway, I got some LG thing with a touch screen. I am still getting used to it, but I like it alright so far. Anyway, if you want my phone number, send me an email or whatever. (I'm annoyed because they were "out of" 419 numbers so I have a 734 number. Lame! How am I supposed to represent Toledo?) Now that I have a cell phone, I almost feel like a real person.

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