Saturday, November 6, 2010

Craigslist and Shopping

I have been scrounging around Craigslist quite a bit looking for somewhere to live when we move, and I have to say it's pretty annoying. I really don't understand people's thought process when they post housing listings. First, I hate it when anyone posts anything in all caps for no reason, which happens all the time. All caps generally makes me think someone is an idiot, and I don't want an idiot landlord. There are also a disturbing number of ads that don't even list the location of the place they are posting. Why would I waste my time answering an ad that doesn't tell me where the housing in located? Either you forgot to put it on there (which takes us back to the idiot landlord scenario) or it's so crappy you know people won't answer your ad if they know what terrible neighborhood it's in. Either way, no good. Also, people don't seem to understand what the term "luxury amenity" means. There are tons of ads that say things like, "This apartment includes such luxury amenities as clean carpet, heat, and parking." I think when you're in Ohio, heat is considered basic. And I would assume that there is somewhere to park. I guess clean carpet is nice, but I don't really think it is luxurious.

Then there are the people that post an ad for the sole purpose of getting your attention. These ads usually don't even make sense. There was one a couple weeks ago that said, "IF APARTMENTS WORE CLOTHES, THIS APT WOULD WEAR APPLEBOTTOM JEANS AND FUR BOOTS" I don't even know what that's supposed to mean. That the apartment would date Russell Simmons? So the housing hunt continues, and I'm hoping it's more successful when we live in the area and can actually stalk the neighborhoods we like looking for nice places.

Saturday Ramona and I went to Vegas to do some shopping. Joe had to work, and back in the day I wouldn't attempt going shopping in Vegas with Ramona solo, but ever since our cross country trip, I feel like the fish and I can do anything. (Cue Just the Two of Us- Will Smith version, for extra cheese factor.) Anyway, Mony took an awesome nap in the car so she was in a pretty good mood. We got a portable DVD player and some Yo Gabba Gabba DVDs for the flight home, and I got some new heels for my new job. Ramona and I ate at Chipotle for the first time and shared a delicious bowl of Mexican type ingredients. Then we went to the Cupcakery and got a dozen cupcakes since it will probably be the last time we get to eat them. Once we got home Ramona was in the best mood ever and walked around smiling and being cute. It made for a very awesome day!

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