Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I've been looking through old pictures of Mony because I'm thinking about getting a couple blown up to decorate around the house. Here's some cute ones I forgot all about- look how chubby she was!

I loooooove the stuck out tongue. I really like this a lot except the lighting is bad and you can see my bra. But it makes me smile just looking at it.
Yum, tasty toes! I forgot how much easier it was to get cute pictures of her when she didn't move that much. Now it seems like she's running around too much to get any pictures of her that aren't blurry.
I love the stuck out tongue and the Danzig photo bomb.
A Mommy and Mony moment. This one always makes me smile as well. My silly baby. I'm still deciding which ones are blow up worthy (which is dependent on my terrible photography skills as much as the actual content of the photos) but these ones made me happy tonight.

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