Thursday, January 13, 2011

No Kissing!

I have really been enjoying Ramona a lot lately. It seems like she became much happier when we moved here, and she really rarely cries anymore. She also sleeps through the night, which makes us all a lot happier. But mostly she's at an age where her personality is more apparent every day. She cracks up at the goofiest stuff. She gets excited about giving fives. She lets us know if we are not doing what she wants up to her standards. (I tried to give her five with only one hand earlier today and she grabbed my other hand and pulled it up to indicate that I was supposed to be giving fives with both hands.) She wants to share her food with us- kind of. She'll put a cheerio near my mouth and if I don't eat it fast enough she just puts it in her mouth and gives me a look like, "You're supposed to eat it like this, idiot." She acts insulted if we won't drink out of her sippy when she offers it. She runs all over the house pushing her baby doll stroller and will sometimes load it up with snacks and her sippy and push them all over the house. She's just so fun. It's pretty much impossible to be in a bad mood around her. When I get home from work, I get a biiiig hug and kisses which makes me smile so hard. She is very affectionate.

However, she does not like it when Joe and I are affectionate towards each other. Whenever Joe and I kiss, hug, or just cuddle Ramona starts squealing and runs over to break it up. I don't know why it upsets her so much but she gets really mad about it. Tonight she was sitting on my lap and Joe walked over and Ramona realized he was going to give me a kiss, so she jumped up and started pretty much making out with me so Joe couldn't get close enough to give me a kiss.

One of my favorite things is how devoted she will get to an idea when she comes up with something. Last night Joe drank a beer out of one of our beer mugs. When it was empty, Ramona grabbed the mug and put her sippy in it and then tried to drink the sippy out of the mug, which she couldn't quite pull off because the mug was too heavy. But she still carried about the sippy in the mug and put it back in every time it fell out the rest of the night. That's dedication.

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