Monday, January 17, 2011

MLK Yay!

Ramona with her sippy mug
Man, do I love a three day weekend. Mostly because I love spending time with my little family, but also, I enjoy not working. However, I think this is the way everyone feels, so I'm not going to go on about it for long.

Friday we went to Joe's parents' house and had a dinner for Joe's brother Chris. I had a lot of fun talking to Chris's girlfriend and the food was excellent as always. Mony was well behaved and running all over. She has been playing with Joe's brother Ben a lot when we go over there. Ben chases her around and she's at that age where she's just starting to love getting chased. (Run run. Look over shoulder to make sure he's still chasing. Run run more. Laugh hysterically. Repeat.) Fun times.

The next day we actually made it to church on time for the first time. I was incredibly proud of us. Ramona has been doing really well in the nursery. She likes to play and run around. They have different ages in different nurseries and she's usually the oldest one in the 0-18 months nursery, so she amuses the nursery ladies with her abilities to run around and grab other children's things. I had my membership class after church, and after that we went home.

Ramona has been biting a lot the past two weeks and Joe's mom noticed it when we were over there on Saturday. I had been checking to see if she was teething pretty much every day, but nothing was popping through yet (although her gums were starting to look swollen.) Sunday, she was drooling like crazy- WAAAAY more than usual. So I stuck my hand in her mouth, and sure enough, her top cuspids are starting to peek through. She's slept pretty well through this round of teething. I'm guessing the bottoms will bust through pretty soon.

I also got my hair cut on Sunday. I got the length chopped off, which is good, and I think the cut looks nice even though it's totally 90s looking. We'll see what happens when I style it myself.

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