Saturday, January 15, 2011

2011: Off to a great start

This year is already going pretty well. Resolution-wise I've already lost 6 pounds through a lazy "diet" (not constantly eating total crap) and Just Dance 2, and am looking at joining the YMCA this weekend. I've been able to relax and spend a lot of time with people I care about. In a word, I have been HAPPY.

Ramona has been weaned for a week now. On one hand I kind of miss it, and on the other it's awesome to have my body back to myself. Mostly, it makes me feel like she's such a big girl. We were able to wean gradually enough that I haven't had any pain or super engorgement. We were down to just bed time nursings for over a month and she just finally seemed ready to be done altogether. It was a combination of two things- 1) She saw me topless on New Years eve and instead of going "OMGboobiess! Ineedtonursenow!" which was her old mindset, she just poked and played with them (which I can't blame her for. Playing with boobs is fun.) and 2) At bedtime nursing last week she bit me really hard and drew blood, leaving a nasty scab and getting blood all over the white shirt I was wearing. Luckily I was able to get it rinsed in time that the stain didn't set. I think she only bit me because she was super thirsty and there wasn't enough milk coming out fast enough for her. (I base this on the fact that she drank two sippies of milk after the incident.) But I was like "You are done forever, kid!" The scab is still on my nipple. It was quite a bite. All around, I don't regret being done, and she doesn't seem to really notice/care. We're still super cuddle buddies and we're still co-sleeping since I don't want her to associate weaning with me kicking her out of bed. Plus I like having my little cuddle buddy around. But sleeping in her own bed is the next big hurdle we have to jump. I don't think I'm going to start pushing on it until she's 18 months.

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