Monday, February 21, 2011

Jesus Loves Mony

The baptism went so well. I really couldn't ask for Ramona to be much better. She let Pastor Bob hold her and she didn't cry. She smiled and "talked" and was a total ham when he walked her down the aisle. She didn't object to her gown too strongly, and I was so touched at how many people showed up for her. Seriously, it really means so much to me that every single person who came was there- and there were more people who wanted to, but couldn't due to timing. We're really lucky to have so many people who love our little fish.

After the baptism, we all went out to breakfast/lunch at Bob Evans. We didn't all get to sit together, but we were near each other and were able to walk around and visit without annoying the waitstaff too badly. Ramona and Corinne had fun. How crazy is it that Corinne is a little under a year older than Ramona? She looks like a little girl here, and Ramona still looks like a chubby little baby. The difference a year makes...
After lunch, we went back to our place and Ramona opened gifts and the kids played. My nephews were in good moods and were being really fun. Reagan and Ramona were pretty cute together. At Thanksgiving Reagan said he "hates that baby" about Ramona, but yesterday he kept smiling at her and insisting that she said his name. I also found him in Ramona's room pretending to clean with her toy broom, and he took the baby doll stroller for a spin.

I don't know what was happening in that last picture. Kathleen's all, "Oh no she didn't!" and Alexander and Ramona are plotting something.
I loooooooove this pic of my mom and my sister Erin. This one is getting printed out and hung up somewhere in my house. Too cute.
Mitch was sleepy and cuddled up with the "Evil Monkey" that Jesus loves.
Me, Mony my mom, and Joe's mom. I like how it appears that I have no legs and am somehow levitating in the back.
I just wanted everyone to see how cute Corinne's outfit was.
Joe, Mony, Mony's full belly and the grandpas.

It was a lot of fun! So far I've only gotten pics from my cousin Brook (who looked so cute, but I don't have pictures of since she took all these. Seriously, she looked better at like 30 weeks pregnant than I look on a good day NOT pregnant!) But I'll post more when I get copies of the pics Joe's mom took.

We also went down to Columbus on Saturday to go to Elevator Brewing with Brook, Brett, Scott, and Corinne, but it was closed during lunch so we went to Barley's instead. We had a lot of fun spending the day with them, and I hope we'll get to see our Columbus relatives more now that we're back in Ohio. We also got another shirt for the brew blanket while we were down there, and considering that we'll probably get one or two more next weekend up in Grand Rapids, and we got two last weekend up in Royal Oak, it's been quite a month for the brew blanket. I also got to see a friend I hadn't seen in forever which was really nice. I wish we could have had more time and maybe a more relaxing venue (it's hard to shop when Ramona is involved) but I'm sure I'll see her again soon.

It was a really fun weekend and exactly the kind of thing I was dreaming of back when I was hoping to move back to Ohio- a weekend spent with family and friends and loving surroundings.

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