Monday, February 14, 2011

Pretty Awesome Valentine's Weekend

What a weekend and Valentine's Day! Saturday Mony spent the day with Joe's parents while Joe and I went up to Royal Oak to do some shopping and so I could take him for a romantic lunch at Lily's Seafood brewpub. We also hit up Royal Oak Brewing and got two new shirts for the brew blanket. We got some art for the living room, and a book for Ramona.

Sunday involved a three hour family nap, and it was much needed and lovely. Actual Valentine's Day I had to work and Joe made me fancy dinner (an appetizer of crackers with smoked salmon foam, an entree of steak and pancetta wrapped shrimp, and a dessert of creme brulee with a Bell's brewery stout to drink.) We also got our Michigan brewer's guild cards in the mail, and Valentine's cards from both sets of grandparents for Mony. But the big news was that our couch is finally being delivered today! At least it was- until Joe got a call about a job! He's at orientation this morning, which is why I'm home with Ramona instead of at work. The job is from 11pm to 7am Sunday-Thursday, so we'll still have weekends and evening together (even if Joe sleeps through most of the evenings) but it's perfect and we're excited.

I also met with my adviser last week and have everything set up to start class this summer. I'm taking two classes- one online and one in the classroom. The classroom one is only six weeks long, and Joe's mom said she would watch Ramona if we need her to, so we should be pretty set. So, it's been a pretty awesome Valentine's week for all of us.

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