Thursday, March 3, 2011


Well, September 24th is going to be the day, it seems. Everyone so far has been open to that date, so I got penciled in at the church today. We just have to meet with the pastor and it will be official. Then I have to plan everything else- which I don't even want to think about right now. But I will have to start thinking about it pretty quickly. We've been putting together a guest list, but that's pretty much it so far. Blaaaaaah- it's a lot to think about.

In other news, we went up to the winter beer festival up in Grand Rapids over the weekend, which was pretty fun. We got to try quite a few beers, and there were some really awesome ones. I had a lot of fun and Joe got pretty goofy. I hadn't seen him so obnoxious since my sister's 21st birthday. We went to Hopcat and got another shirt for the brew blanket and went to Founder's but didn't get a shirt because they were too busy. I had a really great time all around, even though I felt like garbage the next day. I got a nap once we got home and felt much better. It was definitely nice to see friends we hadn't seen in awhile and drink some new beers.

Ramona stayed with Joe's parents while we were gone and even though she cried when we left (and it was the cutest crying ever- she is really into waving right now, so she was screaming but still waving bye bye) she had a lot of fun eating way too much food and even got to take a trip to Toys R Us. So obviously, she didn't miss us too much. She did seem really happy to see us when we picked her up, though, and I was certainly happy to see her.

I'm almost done decorating the living room. I'm pretty much waiting until it's warm enough to paint before I put up the finishing touches (the paint, valances, a plant, a desk lamp, and pictures) so it's just a matter of time. The dining room is pretty much the same story. I need paint, and I ordered a table cloth that hasn't come in yet. I'll probably get some napkins and place mats and a few more pictures and I'll be done in there. The big challenge left there is figuring out what I want to put in the built in cabinets. I'm undecided.

So, I'm excited for spring and painting, warmth and bike rides, sunlight and picnics, but am wondering how I'm going to survive a summer filled of rushed wedding planning, running after a toddler, and going back to school. My mom said that she's interested in baby-sitting Ramona once school lets out for the summer, which will help a lot. But it will still be a crazy busy summer- but I'm always happiest when I have a lot to do, so I'll be fine.

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