Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Sickness

Once again, Joe got sick and made Mony sick, too. Joe was sick Mon-Wed and Ramona started up last night and today was-lay-around-with-a-fever-sleep-all-day sick. It was like having a newborn again. She just laid on me and slept while I did whatever I wanted. It's a nice change of pace, but I feel sorry for my little fish. Hopefully she'll be better tomorrow. I'm fine so far, which probably means I'll get sick over the weekend, because that's how my life is.

We gave up meat for lent, and so far it has been pretty easy. I just eat fruit for breakfast, pb&j for lunch, and something veggie for dinner (so far grilled cheese and soup and vegetarian sushi.) It's kind of fun because it makes me look up recipes and get excited about cooking. It also has taught me that zucchini is called courgette in New Zealand, since they have some good recipes that I found confusing at first because I didn't' know what they were talking about. I feel that I should buy a kitchen scale because all the recipes from overseas call for grams of food.

Wedding-wise we have a meeting with our pastor on the 24th. Tomorrow I'm leaving Joe with the task of calling the venue we're thinking of and seeing if we can look around and get that set up. So things are kind of getting rolling with that. Spring was starting to spring this week with rain instead of snow, and almost everything was melted, but I think it was starting to snow when I came home from work, so it looks like this never ending winter will continue to never end.

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