Tuesday, April 5, 2011


So Friday was my and Joe's official five years of togetherness- very exciting! I took the day off work, not so much for the anniversary as much as I had a lot of errand type things I needed to get done. Mostly, getting my Ohio license and getting Ramona's 18 month doctor appointment set up. (Can you believe it? 18 months!) The license getting was a success and (bonus!) I have the best driver's license picture EVER. Unfortunately I didn't get the car registration done since I had to go to another location and the day is only so long, so I have to do that later this month (probably the same day I take Mony for her appointment.) Other than that, Joe and I didn't do much except say things like, "wow, five years! I love you!" every once in awhile. He got Chinese take out for dinner and we watched a Devito movie. Ramona fell asleep early and it was adorable- she fell asleep eating her dinner. I'll upload the video later, but it was super cute.

Saturday and Sunday I didn't feel that well. I slept a lot. We went to Joe's parents on Saturday and coincidentally got a second dose of Devito because they watched Mars Attacks! So two movies in one weekend. Wow, now I just have to write about them.

Sunday I finally got a hold of the last person for my wedding party crew to see if she was willing to do it, and I got another yes, so the wedding party on my side will be Kathleen, Erin, Lindsey, Kelly, and Nina. Joe has yet to talk to anyone I think. But that's his business. Anyway, I also started working on paper flowers for the wedding. I really like how they're turning out, but they are SO time consuming. Luckily I have plenty of time until the wedding, so I guess I'll just keep busting out a few a day. Lastly, I decided to suck it up and spend the cash on the wedding photography. We have a meeting this weekend with the photographer so I'm really excited. I'm hoping it goes well, because internet gallery-wise, I really love the work, so I'm hoping I like them in person and their real life examples. I do have a couple other photogs I'm interested in if it doesn't work out this weekend, but I have a feeling it will.

And in "Lord only knows what will amuse this child" news, Ramona has had the time of her life playing with a pillow case the last couple of days. What is that about?

Also, over the last couple of weeks Ramona started trying to constantly eat cat food again. She did this when she was around 9 months old, but she hadn't thought about it much recently. Then all the sudden she became obsessed with it. If you take your eyes off her for a minute she will run to the kitchen and start eating the cat's food. Anyway, when I was at work, Joe found Ramona predictably eating cat food. However, she classed it up a little by using chopsticks.
Joe thought it was hilarious and was kind enough to snap a picture for me to enjoy when I got home.

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