Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fun Times

Well, my cousin's new baby is named Marielle and if the pictures can be believed, she is absolutely adorable. I have to admit I've been having a bit of baby fever lately, with many new babies in real life and blog land. There was a woman with a tiny little baby sitting in front of us at church on Easter and I was having a hard time listening to the homily because my brain was just going "aaaaawww" the entire time. So I'm very excited for Brook, Brett, Corinne and Marielle to get settled in and to the point that they can contemplate visitors so I can get my little baby cuddles in. I'm not trying to have another baby in the near future, but that doesn't mean I don't want to coo over one!

Of course, seeing newborns also reminds me of how hard having a newborn is. Ramona's first few months were really tough. I felt alone, exhausted, sore and disconnected. The idea of going through all that again is daunting, but I like to think that it will be easier next time since we'll have family around to support us. People always say things like, "Women forget how bad childbirth is and that's why they have more babies" which I think is one of the dumbest things a person could say. It's not like women are stupid. Obviously, pain is something that you can't relate to unless it's immediate, but you can certainly recall your experience. The reason women have more children after the not so pleasant experience of childbirth and caring for a newborn is because 1) they know they can make it through, even though it's tough and 2) they know how rewarding having children is- it's worth it!

But before Joe and I have any more kids, we have to get through this wedding. Only 151 days left, according to (which tells me how many days are left for some reason?). It's hard to believe. It's dying down a lot. I'm not as worried about it as I was. I feel like everything is coming together and will work out. We have a catering tasting on Sunday. The weekend after that my BFF Lindsey will be out visiting and will finally meet Ramona. Later that month, bridesmaid dresses will be done, and my wedding dress will be started. I've got an idea for shoes and jewelry. We've picked out wedding rings. I'm working on decorations. I've ordered samples of the paper I'm thinking of for invitations. We've been working on the reception playlist. I made an eating plan to help me slim down a bit. Overall, I'm feeling good with all things wedding.

And on top of that, the weather is finally cooperating and Ramona and I were able to play outside tonight. She is learning so much so fast now. I'm constantly surprised by something new she's figured out. Tonight she walked up and down the outside steps without having to scoot on her hands and knees. Out of nowhere, she has a new skill. And every day seems to have a new word or two. Yesterday it was "pleeeease?" My heart melted. It kills me how big she is getting. I'm so proud of her. She is totally amazing and awesome.

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