Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Well, I've been spending a lot of time glancing at my phone and logging into facebook hoping to hear that my cousin has had or is in the process of having her new baby, but we're all still waiting. New babies are so exciting and I honestly can't wait to hold this new little addition to our family, but she is making us all wait! She was due on the 20th and has yet to make an appearance. Of course, she is still in the realm of reasonable gestation and there is no rush (we all know the things we're supposed to say) but I think I speak for everyone when I say, "We can't wait to see you, new baby!"

In old baby news, Ramona is now 18 months old! She had her 18 month appointment Friday and everything looks great. I love her pediatric nurse practitioner sooo much. She is so awesome with Ramona and it makes me really happy. Ramona got three shots, but she handled them pretty well and doesn't have to get anymore until kindergarten. She was pretty feverish and cuddly for about 24 hours after the shots, but she's back to normal and all over the place as usual. She learned some new words this weekend to allay any worries about her toddlerhood becoming official- "mine" and "no".

"Mine" occurred when we got home from church this morning. I think she learned it there today. It was her first time in the toddler room as opposed to the baby room, and she was one of the youngest ones there. When we got home, I gave Ramona her Easter basket. She focused on the chocolate bunny. She picked it up.

"Mine! Mine!"

She was excited. She went for a direct face bite.

She pretended she was going to be nice.
"Hey, friend, let's go for a walk!"
But ultimately, Bunny ended up looking like this:
Later, his eyes were removed, he was decapitated and finally consumed wholly. Ramona was so covered in chocolate by that point that she required a costume change before we went to Joe's parents' for Easter dinner.

Beyond "mine," "no" is absolutely hilarious. Joe and I crack up every time she does it. It started yesterday. Whenever she is not allowed to do something she wants to do or she has to do something she doesn't want to, she cries and screams, "NOOOOOOOOO!" in an over the top tortured manner. Last night we were dying eggs. Ramona was playing happily with some eggs.

But then, Mommy wouldn't let Ramona throw her crayon in the dye!Can you believe that?

I have also received "NOOOOOO!!!!" for washing her face and not letting her mash Peeps into the carpet.

Easter was pretty awesome, though. Ramona got four Easter baskets. Wednesday we went to my parents' house and Ramona, Alex, and Reagan had an Easter egg hunt and got Easter baskets. Friday, Joe went out to the bar with a friend from out of town who was visiting (whose first book is being released next week!) along with Tauno and Rob, and Tauno's mom had sent an Easter basket for Ramona when they dropped by the house. Then today she got her Easter basket from us and from Joe's parents. So, she was spoiled as usual. One of her favorite gifts produced one of my favorite pictures:
I love that she loves books. And, because I haven't loaded you guys up with enough pictures, here's a random cute one from a couple weeks ago:

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