Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sooo Much Going On- Part 1

Man, I have wanted to update this for days now but have been too busy doing stuff. So I might break this into a couple different posts so I can cover all the awesome. Or not. We'll see.

First of all, this was one of those "someone dialed up Mony's IQ" weeks. She's figured out so many new things and it's hilarious and adorable. I mean, all the sudden she says all kinds of stuff. And she said her first sentence- "I got it!" (Thanks, Kai Lan.) Remember how much she likes to sing EIEIO during old McDonald? Now she actually sings it during the right part of the song instead of at the end. And yesterday when I got home from work, we had our usual giant hug of reunification and then I set her down and walked over to the bathroom and she said, "potty." This was a big deal because usually if I set her down when I have to go to the bathroom she cries and I tell her, "Mommy has to go potty." This time, she knew I had to go to the potty and she didn't cry because she understood what was happening! Amazing! She is constantly singing, which I absolutely love. We are singing buddies. And she is getting really good at imitating things Joe and I say. Or that DJ Lance says.

And- this was so cute my heart melted all over my lungs and created a huge mess- one of the songs that I've sang to Ramona since she was born is "I Love My Ramona!" There is an Andrew WK song called "I Love NYC" which I have adjusted the lyrics to:

I love my Ramona!
Oooooooh yeah! My Ramona!
I love my Ramona!
OH! YEAH! My Ramona!
So the other day Ramona wandered into the dining room (out of my sight as I was on the couch.) If I'm being too lazy to follow her as she wanders the house, I usually sing one of our songs so she'll come back in the living room. So I sang "I love my Ramona!" And a cute little toddler voice came back with, "Ooooooh yeah!" Joe and I both just looked at each other with huge grins because it was so adorable.

But even more than the new words, it's apparent that she is thinking in a more advanced way. She seems to be developing the ability to think about things that aren't immediately happening and to even have an imagination. It's very exciting to see her do something out of nowhere. I just love watching her learn and grow. The other day she was picking up Joe's cell phone and holding it up to her ear. "Hai-d'oh." So I went in the other room and called her from my cell phone. She babbled on the phone with me for a few minutes. Then I said bye and hung up and Joe said she looked pretty crestfallen when I stopped talking.

The biggest thing about it is just realizing what a giant brain sponge she is right now. And that she has been for awhile. I'm finally seeing that she really does understand much more than she can communicate. The way she knows and loves all the little songs and rhymes I've made up for her really blows my mind. And the amount of things she's figured out from just observing us with no effort whatsoever on our part to teach it to her is staggering. I'm really enjoying all these new skills.

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