Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sooo Much Going On- Part 2

The past week has been pretty eventful in other ways. Wedding-wise, we met with our potential photographer on Saturday, and we went ahead and made them our for sure photographer. I'm very excited. We made our first payment this week, and even though I'm going way over budget, I'm very happy with them, and Joe is, too. I was pretty gung-ho on them just from the website, but I wasn't sure about Joe. He was noncommital and didn't have much to say either way. I was worried that he thought it was "too hipster." So I was hoping the meeting with the photographers would be convincing.

Luckily, the meeting went really well and Joe seemed as excited as I was on the drive home. Meeting them confirmed that they seemed fun and we looked through a few albums and I think the quality really impressed Joe. So we talked about it during the week and finally picked a package and booked everything. Here's the place we went with. Abby is doing our wedding. I feel really good about it. I think our next step is catering, but we're going to wait until after Easter to work on that since we gave up meat for lent and we want to be able to taste what we order.

Giving up meat has been a lot easier than I thought. I think it really made us think more creatively about food. Joe and I have decided to continue to eat vegetarian two nights a week from now on. It makes us try a lot of new things, helps Joe be more inventive in his cooking, and is generally pretty healthy. I'll admit there was a meal of nothing but deep fried vegetables in there that probably wasn't very healthy, but it's really fried pickles fault for being so delicious.

After our photography meeting last Saturday, we finally got to paint the living room. It's white and it looks so much better. I really love it. But, we only painted the walls and later agreed that we should paint the ceiling, so I STILL can't want to hang my pictures. I think we'll paint the ceiling soon so I can finally finish decorating in here. I really want to cross it off my list. After that, we need to do the dining room and that one is going to take some work. It's not much wall space, but it's a lot of trim so there's going to be a lot of taping things off. I did pick a pretty blue for it, though.

I'm also in the process of getting things together for starting back to school. I paid my balance for Summer semester yesterday and need to go pick up my books. I'm still waffling between being excited to go back and being in no way excited to go back. Yes, I want to get my Master's, but the thought of homework and writing papers again is really dampening my enthusiasm.

Other than that, Joe's grandma passed away this week, so we went to Indiana Wednesday night for the showing (which we barely made it in time to catch) and the funeral on Thursday. I had only recently met her, so I wasn't too personally affected, but I was glad I could go to support Joe and his family. I was also glad Ramona was able to meet her before she passed, and I think having Ramona running around and being silly really helped raise a lot of people's spirits. The ceremony was really nice, and it was my first Catholic funeral, so it was interesting to note the subtle differences, which were mainly that they do communion and stress that the body will rise again. Also, everyone stood at the entrance of the church until the ceremony started and followed the body in. Basically, my usual experience with a mass- similar enough that I feel at home but just different enough that I screw something up and feel stupid.

Joe seemed to do pretty well. Funerals always bring up so many feelings. Not only about missing and mourning the person who died, but stirring up thoughts of your own mortality, and how you would cope with the loss of others. So, there were definitely some dark moments, but there was also a lot of familial bonding and I got to meet some of Joe's relatives from farther away that I didn't know. And Joe's mom seemed to be doing pretty well. It's been a hard week for her, but she has a lot of faith and I think it's helping her a lot.

So, it's been a pretty busy week full of tons of varying emotions. But it usually is.

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