Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas List

And because people have been asking, here's our Christmas wish lists.


Art- MetroDevious. I would like the 15X15 MC square ($80) of the Joe Louis Arena stairs. I already have the Tiger Stadium welcome one, and it would be nice to have two to display next to each other.

Massage- Massage Envy. One of these is up at Westgate, and it would be nice to get a massage because my back and neck have been killing me lately. It will probably get worse as pregnancy progresses

Food- I like those big tins full of popcorn they always have at Christmas. Cookies are good as well. Candy is a good one. I like fruit.

Dress socks- I could always use more of these for work

Hat, scarf, gloves- I like to have a variety of these

Bookbag- It would be nice to have one to keep all of my school stuff together. I keep meaning to buy one and then forget

Laptop bag- I like to bring my laptop home from work during the winter so that I can work from home if the weather is too bad. I don't have a bag for it now, so it would be nice.

Hoodies, sweaters, maternity clothes- I still need warm clothes, especially work stuff. And I only bought maternity skirts when I was pregnant with Ramona since I lived in Death Valley, so I don't have any maternity work pants. I need long ones!

Sleep- I don't know how you can gift this, but I'm really into sleep right now.

Hat & gloves- Her head is almost too big for the hat she got last Christmas, and she is really into wearing hats right now

Clothes- She wears a 2T now. She's not in desperate need of anything in particular, but she could always use more clothes.

Shoes- She wears a 7. She needs snow boots.

Toys- She likes anything with wheels. She's not really into stuffed animals right now. Educational stuff is fun. She can count and knows colors and shapes, and we're working on letter recognition right now. She likes treasure and dinosaurs.

Books- She loves reading! We're mostly reading board books still, as she doesn't have the attention span to get into longer stories yet.

Art stuff- She likes to color and is starting to use play-doh.

Musical instruments- Ramona loves to make music.


Belkin - Tunecast Auto FM Transmitter for Apple® iPod® and Most MP3 Players

Authentic Mexican 20th Anniversary Ed: Regional Cooking from the Heart of Mexico

Any other cookbooks

Bouncing Souls - Ghosts on the Boardwalk - CD or restaurant gift cards

Kids in the Hall DVDs

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