Saturday, January 21, 2012

Snow Day!

We finally got some snow in northwest Ohio (not until mid-January? Highly unusual!) But I enjoyed the mild winter so far, although I was pretty excited about getting snow. Joe and I got Ramona a sled for Christmas, so we were pretty excited to take her out on it. Last year, we pulled her around in a sled one time, but she had yet to do any real downhill sledding. So we got her all bundled up in her snowpants and the whole bit and took her to the hill on the golf course at Ottawa Park. There were quite a few people there, but not so many that it was annoying or overly crowded and kids were running into each other or anything.

At first Ramona had a hard time holding on and kept slipping off. I was cracking up as I took this picture. This is Joe taking her up the hill so they could sled down for the first time. As soon as the hill got to an certain angle she just sort of fell over and laid on the sled.She eventually got the idea and could sit up while getting pulled up the hill (which was much easier than carrying her up it, and she was having a hard time walking with her snowpants and boots and everything.) Joe talked me into going down with her once, so both Ramona and Fetey got to go sledding today.
But I was mostly on photographer duty. I don't think sledding down a not-particularly-steep hill is really too dangerous to while pregnant, but I was worried if we had a wipe out I wouldn't be able to protect both Ramona and my belly at the same time. Plus I almost hit some kid the one time I went down, so I was kind of worried about my inability to steer the sled while holding onto Ramona, which was a problem for both me and Joe.
Those pictures kind of give you an idea of the size of the hill and amount of people there. Like I said, there weren't too many people and it was definitely the "bunny hill" of the area, which was nice because it was mostly families with younger kids. Ramona was the smallest one there, but not by much. The oldest kids were probably eight to ten, and all the kids were young enough that they were there with their parents, which meant none of them were being jerks. And the parents were all helping each other out and asking each others' kids if they were okay if they fell off their sleds and their parents were still at the top of the hill or attending to their siblings or whatever. So, it was really nice. I had fun, and Joe has been talking about sledding since Labor Day, so he definitely had fun. I think Ramona might have had fun, too.

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