Friday, February 3, 2012

Work Knows

So, I finally told my boss that I'm pregnant yesterday. I was kind of worried about it, only because I'm due right before year end (aka the worst time an accountant can be out of the office) but I didn't need to worry because my boss was totally awesome. She was so genuinely excited and we were able to discuss a plan for my work to be covered while I'm out. It's been a big relief to get it off my chest, and now that everyone at work knows, it's kind of nice. I've gotten lots of congratulations and can get out of putting another stupid bottle in the water dispenser since I'm pregnant. Now that I don't have to worry about work, I've been able to truly relax and just be happy about the new baby.

Fetey has been a kicking machine. It's hard to remember how much Ramona moved, but it seems like this baby moves even more than she did. It definitely moves a lot more violently. Ramona never managed to wake me up with her fetal movements, and this baby has already done it twice and I'm only 21 weeks along.

Monday is the big ultrasound and I'm both excited and terrified. I can't wait to find out if Fetey is a girl or a boy, but I'm scared they will find something wrong with him/her. I don't know why. I think it's the media attention to Michelle Duggar's late-term miscarriage and the whole Santorum baby-loss thing that freaks me out, because both of things happened around this point of pregnancy. Plus I feel so lucky to have a sweet healthy toddler that I almost feel like I can't be lucky enough to have TWO healthy wonderful children.

Speaking of the child living outside the womb, she is so awesome these days. The more she can talk, the more hilarious things she says. Right now she likes to wear my shoes around the house and sing songs. Her big trick is to climb the cat tower and pretend to get stuck. Then, with a little encouragement from me (a la "You can do it! Keep trying!") she gets down and then when I cheer for her, she says, "Thank you, thank you." We also watch a lot of Sesame Street on youtube. OK Go's Primary Colors, Feist's 1,2,3,4, India Arie and Elmo sing the alphabet, are the favorite Sesame Street jams. She also is really loving Band of Horse's "Out in Nature" via Yo Gabba Gabba! So, she's a little hipster baby that is five years behind on the newest bands for the most part. That must be why she likes the jeggings my sister got her so much.

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