Thursday, April 5, 2012

April Already?

Man, time is flying by. It's hard to believe I'm nearly 31 weeks into this pregnancy already. I had my glucose test recently and passed with flying colors, but my iron was low so I'm taking some supplements and trying to eat more iron-rich foods. Baby is doing well, and likes to move around a lot. I'm showing much more this time than I did with Ramona, which makes me worry how huge I'll actually get. I've gained right around 30 pounds at this point. Everyone at work keeps telling me I'm still small, but I don't feel like it. I'm already having a hard time bending over to put on shoes and whatnot. And I'm totally exhausted all the time. We've come up with two names for the new baby, and are going to decide by what day the baby is born. If it's an odd numbered day, it will be one name, if it's an even day, it will be the other.

I talked to the midwife about the hospital policies, when they want me to go to the hospital, and inductions. It seems like everything should go okay. I'm not going to be tied to the bed the whole time like I was with Ramona, they'll let me go to the hospital whenever I feel like it, and they won't induce unless something looks bad or I go to 42 weeks. We're going to schedule our L&D tour within the next month or so to see how everything works here and get pre-registered. At that point I guess we'll be officially ready for baby.

School is going well. The semester ends in a few weeks and I'm SO looking forward to it. I'm pretty tired of the classes I'm taking now and can't wait to change it up for the summer. Work is fine. It's weird because I neither love nor hate it. It's the most indifferent to a job I think I've ever been. The people I work with are pleasant but I'm not particularly close with anyone, the work keeps me busy but isn't particularly rewarding, and the morning goes quickly while the afternoon drags. It's right down the middle in pretty much every respect, but it's nice.

Joe has been on strike for a week and a half or so. It's kind of a bummer to not have his portion of our income, especially with the baby coming soon, but I also like having my house husband around. Joe has been cooking and cleaning and watching Ramona so I can do my homework somewhat in peace, which has been nice. I enjoy coming home to a nice dinner and a clean house every once in awhile. He also made caramel coffee creme brulee a couple days ago, which was totally awesome. But hopefully he won't be out for too long. The union made it sound like it might be a couple months, though, which isn't that great. We'll see what happens.

Ramona is doing great. She's still not quite understanding the concept of her baby sister, but I don't expect her to really get it until we bring the baby home. We got her signed up for a Child's Day Out program in the fall so she'll have a chance to hang out with some other kids since she's not old enough for pre-school until next year (by three weeks- stupid September 30 cutoff!) We've been going on family walks and playing at the playground a lot. She's still only sleeping in her bed about half the night before she ends up back with us, but that half of the night is pretty nice. I think we're about ready to try potty-training again. She's into the idea of it and talks about it a lot. She's to the point she can communicate pretty well about what she needs, so I think there's a chance we can get her at least nominally trained before the baby gets here. Maybe. We'll see.

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