Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Kid Embarrasses Parent

I read over my last few posts and they were all pretty whiny, so I figured I'd give a happier one today.  My hormones went wacky for a couple of weeks and I was pretty much on the verge of crying constantly for a few days there, so there was a lot of feeling sorry for myself and being one big sad face. It was extra stupid because everything has actually been going so well lately. Good grades, easy work days, lots of family time- not much to complain about, but I found a way!

Ramona's favorite show is probably Ni Hao, Kai-Lan. I think it's a pretty cute show, so I like watching it with her. She is much better at picking up Mandarin from watching it than I am, and will often say things that I don't remember the meaning of, which can be confusing. She greets strangers in the park with, "Ni men hao!" She sings the songs from the show. If you're not familiar with the show, here's the basic premise- Kai-Lan is a little Chinese-American girl who lives with her grandfather Ye ye. She is friends with a tiger (Rintoo), a monkey (Ho ho), and a koala (Tolee). They sometimes hang out with a rhino named Lulu, who flies around on a balloon and lives in a cloud house. In every episode, the friends all play together, one of them has some sort of emotional problem, and they work together and solve the problem (usually with a little help from Ye ye.) When they're trying to solve the problem they sing, "We gotta gotta try- to find the reason why" and then they say whatever problem they're solving. For example, "We gotta gotta try- to find the reason why- Tolee is crying."

The reason I'm telling you this is so the following story makes sense. A couple nights ago, Joe and I were putting Ramona to bed. Usually, we lay down with her until she falls asleep and then sneak out. Joe usually works nights, so Ramona and I have our system and so I'm generally better at getting her settled down for bed, just because I do it all the time. But, since Joe is home during the strike, he's been doing bedtime with us, too. So, we all laid down and got cuddled together and did the usual bedtime stuff. Then (for your TMI enjoyment) I got a sudden onset of diarrhea. Awesome. So, I would get Ramona tucked in and cuddle up with  her and suddenly have to run to the bathroom. This happened like four times, and every time, Ramona would then get up and run around and refuse to lay down with Joe and we'd start bedtime all over again when I got back. The last time I got up, Ramona popped up and started following me.

Joe: Ramona, lay down. It's bed time.

Ramona: We gotta gotta try- to find the reason why- Fishie is going to the potty!

Joe: I KNOW why Fishie is going to the potty!

Ramona: (runs to the bathroom door and starts knocking) Helllooooooooo, Fishie! What are you doing? I can't open the door!

Me: (dies of embarrassment)

But at least it was just our family. Ramona has yet to embarrass me in front of others as much as Danzig. One time, we had friends over and Danzig came into the living room with a used tampon she had gotten out of the trash and was playing with it as if it was the best toy ever in front of everyone. It was disgusting. Actually, I think that was one of those things where I should have been embarrassed but I was laughing too hard.

Oh, and in other "things I'm glad she didn't say in public", Ramona has been really obsessed with the nursing bra I started wearing (because sadly, my boobs have gotten EVEN BIGGER this pregnancy). The bras they make in my ridiculous size are so sexy that Ramona refers to them as "seat belts" and it's a fairly accurate description of the design.

I've been wearing a lot of stretchy maternity tank tops because they're cheap and comfy. So, Ramona jumped on my lap and started pulling down the front of my tank top so she could see my "seat belt", which was inappropriate enough. Then she started pulling on my "seat belt" and yelling, "Hey, where's your nips?" Luckily this was in my bedroom and not in church or something. Joe has no sympathy for me on this one since I'm the one that taught her the word nips.

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