Saturday, April 21, 2012

Run Run Run! It's Fun Fun Fun!

So, this weekend's fun family time is spread out. Last night we went to my parents' house for my dad's birthday. It was a good time and my dad was in a really good mood. We are pretty broke what with Joe being on strike, so I offered to clean/organize my parents' garage this summer as my gift. If you've never been in my parents' garage, you probably don't realize what a crazy huge commitment this is. It's definitely going to take a few days. It pretty much looks like the opening scene to an episode of Hoarders in there. But it really needs to be done, so I'm excited to work on it during my maternity leave.

Today, we went to the Expo for the Glass City Marathon. Joe is running the half marathon tomorrow. We walked there since it was at UT and it's not far from our house. I read a couple days ago that they have a Kids Marathon, so we decided to sign Ramona up for it. It was ten bucks, and each kid could run a quarter mile, a half mile, or a full mile. Obviously the shortest distance was recommended for smaller kids, so we signed Ramona up for the quarter mile. It was really cute! There were quite a few kids and each kid got there own bib number, a teddy bear, a cloth bag, and a water bottle. If they finished the race, they got a medal. The UT football team was there and they signed autographs and led the kids in stretching, and they also had some dogs that work with autistic kids do some tricks. It was in the Glass Bowl, so the kids got to be down on the field (and Ramona really loved the colored astro-turf.)

Joe ran the race with her. At first, she really had fun with all the kids running, but about halfway through it they ran past the stairs she and I had been climbing earlier, and she wanted to go upstairs instead of run and threw a little tantrum about it, so Joe carried her for a minute, and I ran over there and made her get down and hold both of our hands and we all finished the run together. They had snacks after the race, which perked her right up, so I'm guessing she was just getting hungry and whiny. It was fun, and Ramona had a good time for the most part (she also got upset when she wasn't allowed to do tricks with the dogs when they were doing their exhibition before the race.) We'll probably do it again next year.
Finisher's Medal!

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