Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Happy Times

We've really been having a pretty awesome time lately. As much as having Joe on strike has been not so good financially, it's been really nice otherwise. It's nice to get to spend more time with him, and it makes me less worried about how messy the house is and what to eat because he's there taking care of that stuff.

I've dedicated myself to try to do SOMETHING interesting as a family every weekend for the rest of the spring and summer. This past weekend we did the zoo. It was fun times. We went Saturday, when it was cloudy and overcast, but not raining. Ramona enjoyed jumping in puddles and running around (she only sat in her stroller when she realized it was easier to sit and eat popcorn at the same time. The rest of the time she was on the go.) I realized I'm to the point in pregnancy where I REALLY can't bend over, because Ramona kept trying to get me to go in the cave in the playground and it was not happening. But it was still fun.

Then we went to my sister's fiance's house for dinner, where we had smoked and then deep-fried turkey. It tasted even better than I thought it would. Seriously, it was so good. And Ramona even ate a ton of it. It was nice to see them and hang out for a bit, and Mitch's brother, his wife, and their kids were there, so Ramona got to awkwardly interact with other kids and I got to hold the smiliest, cutest baby ever.

Sunday morning Ramona threw up and then was fine (she does this on occasion) so we missed church. I wondered whether or not we should go to our mommy group meeting since she threw up and all, but ultimately decided to go since she was fine, and this puke in the morning thing but otherwise be completely healthy is a recurring thing for her. I don't think it's an actual illness, just a weird little kid thing that happens. So, we went and she had fun. Our group this time was me and three other moms with toddlers between 22 months and 30 months and all us moms are pregnant and due within the next three months. It's kind of crazy. One of the moms is expecting twins (a girl and a boy), one mom is having a boy, I'm having a girl, and the other mom isn't finding out until the baby is born. So, we have a pretty even split going so far. Anyway, our meeting was about adding more children to the mix and we had a guest speaker who has four boys (two of whom are twins) and it was interesting and fun to talk about all our different fears and concerns. I always have fun at my mom meetings but always dread going for some reason. Probably because I'm a lazy homebody.

Last night was cloudy and windy again, but we went to Wildwood as soon as I got off of work and flew Ramona's kite. She got a ladybug kite for Easter, and she had been out to fly it with Joe once before, but this was my first time going. Joe got it up in the air and then let Ramona hold it. She was into it for 15 seconds or so before she decided she'd rather play on the playground. So, we had fun, but had way less kite flying than we thought we would.

Then I did my last tax return for class. I have one homework and one quiz this week, one final next week and one the week after that and then I'm done with this semester. Thank God. The next one starts in mid-May, so I'll have to live it up during my free two weeks.

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