Tuesday, May 1, 2012


We had another busy weekend, and Joe and I both were camera-less the entire time, so you have to read words- oh no! Saturday we went down to Columbus for little Marielle's first birthday party. Remember a year ago when I was all, "baby, come out and play!" and then she did? Yeah, now she's walking and eating real food. It's crazy how fast babies grow.

As soon as we arrived, Ramona saw the cake and it was all she could think of until it was time to eat, at which point she wasn't that interested. Until she decided she wanted to eat someone else's cake (well, really, the icing) with someone else's spoon because she's kind of a jerk like that.

We had fun hanging out with family, and Ramona and Marielle's big sister Corinne helped open Marielle's presents, and then enjoyed playing with them. We got them the percussion set that Ramona has and it seemed like the kids had fun with it, so that was good.

I had been talking to a weddingbee friend (Mrs. Bunny for your reference) and we had been saying we needed to meet up in real life since she lives in Columbus. She also does photography and had mentioned that she would be able to do a maternity shoot, so we went to go get pictures at the Jeffrey Mansion at her suggestion. We had fun and it was really amazing how much Ramona liked her. She generally shows no interest in most people until she gets to know them, but she just kind of clicked with her immediately.

Anyway, I think the pictures went well (or as well as they can with Ramona preferring to play rather than be photographed.) I'm excited to see how they turned out (well, half terrified as well since I'm pretty huge and not feeling particularly pretty at this point.) Then we went to eat at the Cap City Diner, which was really good. They served rolls covered in butter that I will admit I have thought of ever day since then because they were awesome. Ramona was not particularly well behaved, but she wasn't a total terror either. It was nice to try somewhere new and we had fun.

Sunday I did a lot of sleeping. I've hit the wall in this pregnancy and am freaking exhausted most of the time. I just want to spend all my free time sleeping. Joe let me take a nap and took Ramona to go grocery shopping. They brought me back an iced coffee that Ramona was very excited about because she thought it was ice cream. I let her have a drink and she declared, "Ew! It's yucky! It tastes like customers!" which Joe and I have been saying about everything ever since then.

We're trying to go to all the metroparks, so we hit up Swan Creek. Ramona played on the playground and was pretty adventuresome. She tried to climb things she usually doesn't and actually interacted with some other kids. The best was when some older kid was sitting at the top of the slide and talking to her and she pushed his head in an attempt to make him look forward and go down the slide. If only adults could get out of conversations that easily, my life would be so much easier.

Anyway, the title of this post is alluding to the fact that I had my last final last night, so I have two weeks off before my summer classes start. Yay! I don't have any plans, and am probably too tired to actually do anything to celebrate this freedom, but it's nice to know I don't have to do anything after I get out of work.

And in totally weird thoughts, it is now May, aka the last month I will have only one child. That means I have to give birth in the near future, which is a pretty big bummer, but I also get to have a new baby, which is going to be amazing. And exhausting. It's always an adventure, right?

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