Tuesday, April 27, 2010


So, last week I was kind of bummed out. Just one of those crap weeks where everything seems hopeless and I get overly dramatic with my sadface. Then the internet seems to conspire against me and post sad things about sad people. (Honestly, I have read more about people losing their babies in the past month than I can handle. Just reading the stories makes me depressed, I can't imagine how these people go on in life. Nothing makes me hold my little fish tighter and thank God for every minute with her than hearing about someone else's loss.)

But, I really need to cheer up and realize things are not so bad. Obviously, I have my amazing little lady with me every day. And I'm not happy with my living situation, but- well, I mean, yeah, it's annoying to live in the middle of nowhere- especially when you live two hours round trip to the nearest grocery store or pharmacy so you only go there once every two weeks, and the last time you went you forgot to buy new deodorant AND it has started hitting 100 degrees. So you wear some old cheap deodorant that you found in the back of a closet that you probably bought one time when you flew somewhere and forgot to pack deodorant because it was only for a couple days and not a big deal, but now it's all you have and no matter how much you use you still smell and have giant pit stains from being outside for five minutes. Not that this just happened to me or anything. I mean, yeah, that part of it sucks, BUT I do live somewhere super beautiful where I get to come home for lunch every day to sneak an extra hour with my daughter. And my boss is really supportive and awesome about my family situation and childcare problems.

So, it's time to man up and just deal. I'm still on the hunt for the elusive midwest job, but I do have some perks out here. I can complain (and do!) but deep down I'm also very thankful for all the good things in life. I'm employed, in love, safe and healthy. All said and done I'm a lucky lady. Even if I'm kind of smelly and gross for the next week and a half.

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